Do you know who created the Bone China?


As we known,ceramic is originated from China.The China Road,which began from the middle and late Tang dynasty,brings the ceramic to the world.Until now,ceramic tableware is popular in the world.Bone china is popular type with best quality among ceramic.And it’s also our main product.Here we would like to share you something about bone china.


  Bone china is a type ceramic that is composed of bone ashfeldspathic material, and kaolin. The high quality bone china contains more than 36% bone ash.It is finished by twice firing at high temperature.After high temperature (1250 ) biscuit firing and low temperature (1150 ) burning glaze fired twice.


1.Color:It is a kind of natural milk white because of its bone ash ingredient.

2.Translucency:When you put it under the light,it is translucent.The more percent bone ash it has,the more translucent it will be.

3.Sound:Put two high quality bone china tableware together and crash them gently,you can hear joyful sound that comes from wind chimes,with a few seconds of echo.


  Ceramic originated from China,but bone china was made by an English man.The first bone chair was made by Thomas Frye at his Bow porcelain factory near Bowin East in 1748. His factory was located very close to the cattle markets and slaughterhouses of Essex, so it’s easy to get animal bones. Frye used up to 45% bone ash in his formulation to create what he called ‘fine porcelain.Although the quality was better than the ceramic imported from Europe and China,the factory was not a commercial success.

  Later, Josiah Spode in Stoke-on-Trent further developed the concept between 1789 and 1793, introducing his "Stoke China" in 1796, the year before his sudden death.His son Josiah II quickly renamed the ware "Bone china".Among his developments was to abandon Frye’s procedure of calcining the bone together with some of the other body raw materials, instead calcining just the bone. Bone china quickly proved to be highly popular, leading to its production by other English pottery manufacturers.

Production locations

  For almost 200 years from its development bone china was almost exclusively produced in the UK. During the middle part of the 20th century manufacturers in other countries began production, with the first successful ones outside the UK being in Japan: Noritake, Nikko and Narumi. 

  In more recent years production in China has expanded considerably, and the country is now the biggest producer of bone china in the world. Other countries producing considerable amounts of bone china are BangladeshIndia,IndonesiaSri anka,Thailand and Iran.

  From the start of the first factory, Bengal Potteries, in 1964, bone china output from Indian factories had risen to 10,000 tonnes per year by 2009.  Rajasthan has become a hub for bone china in India, with production in the state totaling 16-17 tonnes per day.

  Lenox is the only major manufacturer of bone china in the United States, and has supplied presidential services to the White House.

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